Worst Movie And Tv Roles Ever Performed

Jonathan Byers – Stranger Things


Within the Stranger Things universe, the character of Jonathan Byers which is played by British Charlie Heaton is very plain in contrast to other roles. His character is constantly outshined by the protective Steve Harrington and Byers ends up stealing his girlfriend in a rather creepy way.

Alex Vause – Orange is the new black


Ironically enough, the most acclaimed season of this tv series is the one in which Laura Prepon's character is not present. Though her role should invoke some kind of empathy, her performance results in an annoying and unnecessary character in the plot.

Wiley Day – Between


Jennette McCurdy's Wiley Day in the Netflix tv series shows an awkward and uninteresting performance. In the show, everyone over 21 is killed by a mysterious disease which Wiley has to find out, but her role results in a bleak result.

“Van Damn” Onyango – Sense8


Toby Onwumere's performance isn't probably a 100% his fault, as the role was played by another actor – Aml Ameen – who didn't return to the show due to creative differences. Besides the evident, Onwumere's way of performing Van Damn is not consistent with how it was played before.


D.J. – Fuller house


Fuller house, Full House 2.0 version, is focused on how the kids from the original tv series raise their own children, however, Candance Cameron Bure's performance is miles away from the original D.J. role, as she tends to overact and be way more excited as she should be.

Clay Jensen – 13 reasons why


Dylan Minnette's version of Clay Jensen lacks the emotional depth that the show requires, as it focuses on tough topics such as rape and suicide. His scenes end up being insincere as well as forced which distracts the viewers from the show's main themes.

Marco Polo – Marco Polo


Maybe some of the $200 million loss' that Netflix suffered due to canceling Marco Polo had to do with Lorenzo Richelmy acting. Performing the main character must be underwhelming, we get that, but it shouldn't have been as lifeless as Richelmy's performance was.

Zoe Barnes – House of cards


Kate Mara's portrayal of journalist/lover of Francis Underwood – played by the now fired Kevin Spacey – is monotonous. Mara's performance wasn't at the top of her game when she shared screen time with Spacey or Wright's characters since she had the same expression and tone of voice while acting seductive or threatening.


Richie Rich – Richie Rich


Portraying an iconic role like Richie Rich must be difficult, and that became evident with Jake Brennan's acting. He had some hard-to-fill-shoes as the previous Richie Rich was played by 90s movie star Macaulay Culkin. Brennan's performance resulted in a spoilt and annoying portrayal.

Jean Holloway – Gypsy


Netflix series Gypsy was canceled and when several critics were asked why lots of them pointed at Naomi Watts' performance. Though she is deemed a great actress, her performance fell flat, just as the series did.

Diamondback – Luke Cage


Cage's adversary, Diamond, is played by the actor Erik LaRey Harvey. Is the actor able to fit such an important role? Most critics have answered no, that his acting is quite the contrary of what he actually intends to do –especially when trying to look threatening when he smiles.

Rob – Real Rob


Often playing funny characters, Rob Schneider missed the opportunity to consecrate himself as a comedian and falls short when performing Real Rob's main character –director, writer and executive producer as well. His acting ends up being an odd character instead of a funny one.


Sophia Marlowe – Girlboss


The Netflix adaptation of the book #Girlboss is no contender. Britt Robertson's performance as the series protagonist instead of being quirky and cute results in an annoying and rude portrayal. This may be one of the reasons why the series was canceled.

Chip – Flaked


Will Arnett's role should be both faces of a coin: funny and dramatic, but his acting falls flat. Arnett is neither a dramatic actor nor a funny character like he was on Arrested Development. Ironically enough, Flaked would be just the same if Will Arnett didn't star in it.

Danny Rand – Iron Fist


Another Netflix series which unfortunately can't compete with those in the same Marvel universe. Finn Jones' acting as the protagonist Danny Rand slash Iron Fist looks plain and almost unconvincing. The fact that the series has poor writing and fighting choreography hasn't helped either.

Andy Dick – Love


Andy Dick playing Andy Dick is as anticlimactic as it sounds. Dick's acting debuted in the first season of the show and turned it into an unnecessary addition due to the actor being controversial and distracting viewers from the original narrative.


Lee Sizemore – Westworld


Simon Quarterman's performance is outshined by the cast of the HBO series Westworld. In a show in which the main theme involves robots, his performances sure look robotic, maybe due to his forced British accent or odd behavior.

Adam Burns – Man with a plan


Matt LeBlanc is no stranger to comedy after having starred in hits like Friends, Episodes or Top Gear. However, his acting on Man with a plan doesn't do any justice to his funny remarks due to poor writing or the character coming across unpleasant.

Ellaria Sand – Game of Thrones


The cringe-worthy and annoying portrayal of Ellaria Sand – leader of the Sand Snakes- ends up with you wanting to change channels. Though the role is described as powerful and vindictive, Indira Varma isn't up to it.

Kevin Gable – Kevin can wait


Kevin James' acting appears to be just the same in each tv series he stars in. So, if you place Kevin Gable in the King of Queen it will not make any difference, as it is Kevin James acting as Kevin James.


James Carter – Rush Hour


Unfortunately, Justin Hires' performance as the partner of Detective Jonathan Lee doesn't follow the same lines Chris Tucker did. Hires impersonation ends up being dull and not charming at all. Besides, he can't seem to show any chemistry with his partner Jon Foo.

Agnes Mary Winstead – American Horror Story: Roanoke


Surprisingly, consecrated actress Kathy Best doesn't bring her best performance for American Horror Story: Roanoke. Besides speaking in an odd accent, she seems to be overreacting, resulting in an almost ridiculous portrayal.

Robert Shapiro – American Crime Story


John Travolta's acting as Robert Shapiro, O.J.'s attorney, is nothing but dull –in a negative way. The actor has been lately mocked because of some mishaps that happened to him, such as the mispronouncing of Idina Menzel's name in the Oscars. In this case, critics are divided regarding Travolta's performance.

Negan – The walking dead


Jeffrey Dean Morgan impersonation of Negan can be sorted into the psychopath category, but his acting results in a messy performance. The portrayal of Negan is inconsistent, it is like the writers told Morgan to act like a deranged man just because.


US Defence secretary – The day the earth stood still


Again, Kathy Best may be recognized as one of the best actress among her generation, but she didn't nail this role. It seemed like all she knew how to do was telling apocalyptic tales and give orders to others, she missed the depth of the character.

Irene Wagner – Fear


No strangers to controversy, as the director and protagonist –Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman respectively- depicted their real-life affair on the movie "Fear". So, it is no surprise that the couple ended up divorcing as Bergman's untalented acting turned the movie into a joke.

Sky Masterson – Guys and Dolls


The movie version of the Broadway hit fell flat due to the miscasting of the main characters which were played by renowned stars Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra. It seems after the studio paid lots of money for the rights, it didn't want the movie starred by no A-list celebrity.

Jonathan Lansdale – The Hand


The movie "The Hand" attracted big names like Oliver Stone –as director and actor- as well as Michael Caine in the leading role, however this formula wasn't a hit. The poor executed movie wasn't a success due to it being described as a joke of a movie.


Lilah Krysick – Punchline


Apparently Sally Field is a very talented actress, but that doesn't necessarily mean she can also get to play a comedian. Though Field is recognized for her nailing her performances in dramatic roles, with this movie –also starred by Tom Hanks- it wasn't the case.

Dwan – King Kong


Jessica Lange's acting as Dwan, the actress, on the seventies' King Kong movie can only be described as being a very annoying performance. Critics also wondered what King Kong saw in this woman, as the only thing she is capable of is getting on everyone's nerves.

Blanche DuBoise – A Streetcar named desire


We all agree that Vivien Leigh is a legend, but we can also agree that this role was much too big for her, or at least it was misinterpreted. Instead of giving a performance full of jealousy and selfishness, Leigh seemed to miss the note.

John Creasy – Man on fire


Maybe Denzel Washington's roles should only be on dramas, as he didn't look very pleased acting as a bad-ass and vindictive bodyguard. Instead, his portrayal resulted in a messy interpretation of a moralistic tale.


James Conrad – Kong: Skull island


Perhaps Tom Hiddleston acting gift isn't suitable for action movies. His portrayal of Captain James Conrad seemed far too serious and deep for a movie which main themes are mythological animals and places.

Mae – The Circle


Surprisingly enough, Emma Watson is used to deliver good performances, but this movie just wasn't the case. A cautionary tale movie about the disadvantages of overusing technology sounds interesting especially in these times, but Watson didn't seem to care about it.

King Arthur – King Arthur: Legend of the sword


Charlie Hunnam doesn't seem to understand that protagonist roles in movies may not be his thing, however we can't say the man doesn't try. Hunnam's acting as King Arthur was deemed plain and powerless, opposite to what King Arthur actually represents.

Christian Grey – Fifty Shades trilogy


Jamie Dornan had not only one opportunity, but also two, to show how wrong the casting of Christian Grey was. In the skin of a man who was sexually tortured during as a teenager, Dornan's performance ends up being boring and overall creepy.


Anastasia Steele – Fifty Shades trilogy


Yes, Jamie Dornan's movie partner Dakota Johnson also landed in this list. If it wasn't clear, the trilogy wasn't well executed, even though it was a big success in the box office. Johnson's Ana Steele was nothing but an annoying indecisive woman with no consistency at all.

Jon Baker – ChiPS


Triple thread Dax Shepard, who worked as protagonist, writer and director on this movie, wasn't able to show his acting skills. As a result, the movie was filled with predictable scenes, not funny jokes and just annoying acting.

Linda Middleton – Snatched


Thought to have been Goldie Hawn's return to movies, after a 15 year long break, Snatched didn't make it. With an evident awkward acting, since Hawn's jokes weren't that funny, it wasn't the appropriate movie for this iconic actress.

Eddie King – Arsenal


Yes, Nicholas Cage has reached his full capacity as meme sensation. However good as an actor he was in the past, those days are long gone as his role in this movie seemed almost ironic. Cage's overacting and weird acting is not that interested anymore, as proved with this character.


Sandy Wexler – Sandy Wexler


Adam Sandler could be Kevin James movie counterpart as it is evident they only act as themselves. In "Sandy Wexler", Sandler seems rusted as a comedian, with predictable and awkward jokes throughout the movie.

Judge Dredd – Judge Dredd


Probably another role acted by Sylvester Stallone to add to this list. His character as well as the movie were parodied countless times, especially the scene where Stallone's character confronts Assante and they mispronounce several words.

Nomi Malone – Showgirls


Maybe the whole movie was messy, especially Elizabeth Berkley's acting as Nomi Malone. Apparently, her way of showing in the bad mood she is is by pouring ketchup and filing her nails violently and without paying much attention. Acting at its best.

Carrie – Four weddings and a funeral


Evidently not one of the best performances by Andie MacDowell, especially at the end of the movie. After Hugh Grant delivered the iconic quote "It was you all along", MacDowell's character seemed so unimpressed that her answer is the one which should have been given a funeral.


Anakin Skywalker – Star Wars episode II: attack of the clones


Hayden Christensen acting skills were evidently dull in all the Star Wars movie he starred in. This is the case on the scene he shared with Natalie Portman's Padmé when he delivers a short and monotonous monologue telling her why he doesn't like sand (??)

Bella Swan– Twilight saga


The Twilight saga was just as bad as the Fifty shades trilogy. Besides being regarded as an indie film – due to it having a tight budget- the acting was tight as well. Kristen Stewart's boring and uninteresting performance of Bella was one of many reasons why the movie was so criticized.

Ricky – Gigli


With the title already sounding like a joke, the movie is filled with poor script, acting and was also badly executed. Let's not forget when Ricki invited Ben Affleck's character to have sex saying "turkey time". As bizarre as it gets.

Detective Mills – Seven


The iconic film directed by David Fincher was made questionable due to Brad Pitt's acting skills. He delivers a dull impression while discovering all deadly seven sins, with the last scene being the reason why we get to think that maybe Pitt's performance was the seventh sin.


Jonathan Harker – Dracula


Keanu Reeves impression of Jonathan Harker can be considered funny, especially if it wasn't meant to be. Even director Francis Ford Coppola acknowledged that Reeve trying to speak with a British accent wasn't that good. Thank god he at least distracted us from Gary Oldman's horrible wig.

Harry Osborn – Spider Man


James Franco's performance as Harry Osborne was anything but boring. His surprised or angry facial expressions were oddly similar, as it is evident when he discovers the man who killed his father was Peter Parker, his friend.