Unintentional funny moments in movies

The Hunger Games


It is worth mentioning that Peeta's skill to disguise himself could be useful material if the producers behind The Hunger Games have a spinoff in their mind. Who could have thought Peeta could pull off disguising himself as a ROCK?

Meet Joe Black


This romance and drama movie left a couple of questions unanswered, but what it was the most ironic and unintentionally funny is the scene in which Joe Black –aka the Grim Reaper- is run over by a car not once, but twice.



Cameron's epic movie about a real-life tragedy was nothing but funny. Actually between all the drama, when Rose and Jack are running for their lives, there's a man who falls down the ship and hits the propeller blade. He just spins and spins around before hitting the water.

Les Misérables


Spoiler ahead: Russell Crowes' Javert ends up committing suicide and all of us agree that that is no laughing matter. However, there's an unfortunate sound effect –splat- that takes away all the seriousness of that scene.


Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith


Lord Vader's character is evil and seriousness personified, that is until towards the climax of this movie he lets out a self-pity cry which makes him look nothing like actual Vader. Talk about an ill-considered scene.

Tough Guys Don’t Dance


Even though director Norman Mailer considered leaving this movie, with all of the movie cast and staff agree, he didn't. However, it's said that main character Ryan O'Neal became resentful after Mailer left these hilarious lines, with melodramatic music and camera movements. Indeed, it became a meme.



We can't say Pierce Brosnan gave an over the top acting in this 80s film. This fact is especially backed with this awkward as well as hilarious burst that it definitely turned into jokes material. The trailer of Taffin didn't help Brosnan's acting either.



During the screening of Armageddon in Cannes, the audience roared with laughter after seeing the scene in which Bruce Willis' character sheds only ONE tear, because hey real men don't cry. It's said that the actor scolded them.


The Happening


Some say The Happening was an incredible horror film, and others say that it was an accidental comedy. However, the funniest moment is definitely the moment when Mark Wahlberg's character screams warning everyone to run away from the wind!



When Bella meets Edward for the first time in class, he should have looked as if he wasn't able to handle her sweet blood scent. Despite this being the intention, Edward seemed to have a bathroom emergency.

The Bourne Identity


It is a known fact that Jason Bourne is a tough guy and villains should be terrified of him. But when murderer Castel run away from Bourne, his death method of choice was anything but not scandalous. Why would you run straight to a window??

The Dark Knight


Aaron Eckhart's acting as Harvey Dent was considered unintentionally hilarious during The Dark Knight. What but is funnier is the scene in which he is tied to a chair surrounded by a gasoline leak and all he does is to puff it in and out of his mouth.




Antichrist is filled with gore and nudity images and an anti-women plot, all of them not even near to be funny. However, during a scene in which both main characters are having sex, their son falls out of a window to his death and neither of them stop what they're doing. WTF?!



Something more hilarious that Chris Evans' acting are the lines his character delivers out of the blue. While he is eating a meal, he says "I know what people taste like, babies test the best!" Are you REALLY sure?

The Dark Knight


This time, the death of Maggie Gyllenhaal's character was so quick and unsympathetic that it turned out funny instead of sad. What is worse, before blowing up the starts saying "Someday…" and was cut by a quick death.



In this case, Ghost landed on this list thanks to crappy special effects. The scene in question occurs when Patrick Swayze's character becomes shocked looking at this death body. We know that it was supposed to be sad, but really?




Brad Pitt's dramatic acting takes out all the seriousness of the film's ending. Though Se7en became a critically acclaimed movie, Pitt's acting didn't, and the evidence of this can be seen when screaming frantically and unconvincing "What's in the box?!" a scene that turned into a meme.

Friday the 13th: Part 3


If it isn't broken, don't fix it. In the 3D theatrical release of Friday the 13th Part 3, there's a scene in which Jason squeezes a character's head and his popping eye looked unintentionally hilarious.

A Nightmare On Elm Street 2


Several movies have a scene in which a character enjoys a brief moment of dancing carefree as if no one was looking. In this movie this happens, the irony of this being that the movie genre is horror.

House Of The Dead


We know that most of the time it isn't the scene itself which is funny but the dialogue said by the actors. During House Of The Death, one actor says "You did all of this to be immortal? Why" to which the answer was "To live…FOREVER!"… Are you kidding us?!




Let's be honest, most recent movies starred by Nicholas Cage are unintentionally funny one way or another, so this one, Knowing, shouldn't be a surprise. Can you believe that he actually screamed at a guy set on fire?!



Quarantine was filmed in a point of view way, which makes the viewers sense as if they were there. In a scene, a firefighter enters the building and pushes a lady who was infected while saying "excuse me, ma'am". Who said chivalry is dead?

Red Dragon


There's nothing hilarious in the Red Dragon movie, except a scene where Ralph Fiennes' character glues a man on a wheelchair and sets him on fire. The only thing that comes to our mind is "Weeeeee!"

Tales From The Darkside


This movie is known for belonging to the horror genre as well as being bizarre and a bit gory. During a sequence, a supernatural cat tries to kill a man by –wait for it- leaping to his mouth and starts chocking him!


Child’s Play


We all know that Chucky, the evil redhead doll, has nothing but bad intentions, however we mustn't forget that he still is a DOLL, and a very small one. This is why there's an especially hilarious scene in which he fights with an adult.



Species is all about an ugly creature that was once a pretty girl. What were the directors thinking when turning a girl into a living pulsing kind of a lady part?! Actually, we don't want the answer to that.

Day Of The Death


Actors don't have it easy when it comes to performing a role in a horror movie. There are thousands of horror films where the acting was the scariest part of everything, such as in Day Of The Death, when black hands come out of a wall, making the actress' reaction overacted.

Jurassic Park 3


The whole Jurassic Park series –and the current Jurassic World saga- is more serious than funny, since the characters are constantly escaping from being eaten by huge dinosaurs. Hollywood went too far when they made a talking velociraptor. Really?!




Stephen King is the master of horror, and that fact is undeniable. Although the movies inspired by his stories end up being cornier than necessary, and we say cornier because that's the object used to kill a character –corn.

Maximum Overdrive


As we have stated, there is nothing scarier in a horror film than bad acting. This happens to be the case in Maximum Overdrive when a waitress' overacting is so bad that ends up being good!



What would you do if you were trying to figure out if people were possessed by aliens? First, you would protect yourself from getting hurt, and wouldn't be as happy as in the guy in Dreamcatcher who grins maniacally. Oscar material.

Drag Me To Hell


Goats are depicted as the kind of animal that represents the Devil on Earth, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see one in a horror movie. However, have you ever seen a goat screaming "whore"?


Jeepers Creepers 2


Though Jeepers Creepers is scary as well as bizarre, there's a sequence that just takes the prize and it's the one in which a decapitated body starts waving its arms. The scene wasn't well thought since it looks as a dancing body.

S.. And The City 2


We agree that both the tv series and the movies are naturally fun to watch due to the characters' life adventures and their witty remarks, but some scenes are downright unintentionally bizarre, thus funny: they really thing that a woman showing her legs through a burqa will make taxis stop??

The Wicker Man


Another Nicholas Cage movie lands a spot in this list. There are thousand memes of this one, and the reason behind this is a specific scene in which Cage screams "Not the bees!" while he is being stung by them. Also, there's a sequence with him dressed as a bear (?)



Birdemic sounds as bad as it is. The film has bad acting, horrible writing, defective casting and poor sound as well. Though the main idea of the film could have been expressed better, the whole movie is a big disaster.


Man Of Steel


A sequence during Man Of Steel shows a lot of missiles about to be launched, nothing funny about that. Except that the shape of said missiles can remind the viewers of adult toys, which it wasn't what the director intended at all.

The Dark Knight


Christopher Nolan's complex plot and great film Inception isn't known for being funny. That is until you see Leonardo di Caprio's face during a sequence that turned him into a meme forever!

The Happening


Another scene in this super bizarre movie is the one in which a man kills himself by laying on the grass in front of a lawn mower. The funny aspect here is the casual way he places himself there, as if it wasn't no big deal.

Rocky III


It's safe to say that there are a couple of Rocky scenes that ended up being unintentionally funny because of Silvester Stallone's overacting. Such as the ones in which he's babbling and nothing he says can't be understood.


Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines


Though one would think that CGI effects get better every year, this wasn't the case with Terminator 3. During a couple of sequences, The Terminator's face looks like melted plastic and has bouncy eyes, similar to children's toys.

Red Dawn


There is a specific sequence where Patrick Swayze's character starts crying and it isn't funny at all. However, what it is funny is a bubble of snot that he blows and snorts it back in!

Hard Target


Jean-Claude Van Damme's acting isn't Oscar-worthy and this movie is evidence of it. During a scene, he saves a woman from being bit by a snake and instead of disposing it he –wait of it- punches it on its face repeatedly!



Some characters are explaining that when the Devil is near everything that can go wrong goes wrong. During this scene, he drops a slice of bread with the jelly side down and looks extremely scared by this. Well, you're not the only one!


The Mummy Returns


Mummies chasing after you are no laughing matter, especially if they want to kill you. But what about a flamboyant mummy chasing after you? Now that is a laughing matter.

The Lost Boys


In a party sequence, there is a crowd excited dancing around and enjoying themselves with music. That is until you can see a group of bodybuilders casually playing saxophones and shaking their hips like Ricky Martin.

There Will Be Blood


This There Will Be Blood scene ended up being turned into a meme thanks to its out of the blue quote said by Daniel Day Lewis' character. During a moment in which the atmosphere is very tense, he warns "I drink your milkshake!!!" Wow, terrifying!



2012 movie predicted the end of the world as we know it, with the apocalypse coming hand in hand with Mother Nature. The real question is: can you REALLY drive a car through a collapsing skyscraper? The inaccuracies of this movie made it unintentionally hilarious.


Ghost Rider


Nicholas Cage just doesn't get tired of starring in bizarre movies, does he? In this case, even though it was supposed to be the live action version of the comic book, the film results being funny as Cage's face starts flaming out of the blue!