Who is always 100% happy about their jobs? No one can say they're their absolute best every single day. We all make mistakes (pobody is nerfect, wise people would say). The problem is that while some mistakes can be easily mended before the boss notices them, other last through time.

Whether because someone took a picture to share online or they're really impossible to correct, some of our fails will haunt us forever (and others, too. Let's not forget a lot of the things we're bad at affect others!)

There are cases these errors are so big we can't believe whoever made them is totally innocent. Maybe they didn't get if they got fired (maybe they were trying to get fired) or wanted to pull a prank on their customers/managers/coworkers. See these particularly funny fails and judge by yourself: were they or were they not intentional? Have fun!

Being a parent can be hard, I can really imagine that. But I think that being a parent can also be really hilarious! Why? Because kids are funny. I don't know why, but they simply are. Even though they are not trying to be funny, they definitely can be. And there are certain parents that can be extremely hilarious narrating their experiences and adventures with their toddlers! So, because I know you guys love a good laugh, I have made a list of the most hilarious parenting tweets OF THE YEAR! You are really going to crack up, I assure you this! Please enjoy, and feel free to comment if something similar happened to you!

After a long and tired plane trip, there is nothing like being received by your beloved ones with an emotional welcome sign. Although there may be other ways to receive them at the airport, like with funny greeting signs, or even more, with some costumes! We collected some of the best ones from the internet just for you. From the awkward to the funniest ones, just here right for you. And please, If you are going to receive someone at the airport don't do an awkward one or write something that makes the person you are receiving wanting to kill you. Be smart. Be intelligent.