The thing with inventions is that sometimes they can be groundbreaking, and change the human life completely, and others they can be just weird and barely usable. Some of them didn't even get a patent but became known enough for us to laugh at their absurdity, some of them exist and are useful to some people, some of them are so ridiculous that they are actually genius. Here are inventions from different time periods, from a mousetrap pistol to a chain-smoking device, to a robot helmet that feeds tomatoes directly to your mouth, this 50 weird inventions will blow your mind.

Traveling can be as exciting as stressful, especially when going abroad or for a long time, but there are many ways to save time, money and worries that you can put into practice. From planning your trip to packing your suitcase or choosing the best seat on the plane, there is a trick to make every one of them easier. We all have different techniques but here are fifty hacks and advises that we assure, you will want to try next time you are hitting off the road.

Yes, I know. You think you are having the worst day ever. You said the same thing yesterday. And the day before. And I'm sure you will say the same thing tomorrow. But you are not having the worst day ever, believe me. And to prove it, we gathered fifty photos of fifty people that got up one day believing that it's going to be just a regular day and ended up with their cars sinking or crushed by a tree. So smile, believe in yourself and take a look at what happened to these people, who are definitely having the worst day ever.